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Legal Timekeeping and Expense Tracking Software

Capture time and track expenses from anywhere, at any time with Onedocx legal timekeeping software.

Onedocx’s legal timekeeping software allows you to record time and keep track of costs from any location at all times. wherever you are, keep track of every second.

Don’t let a second pass unnoticed as you work towards reaching your billable goals. Spend more time billing for your hours rather than tracking them.

Record all your work

Account for everything using OneDocx’s time tracking software. Add time entries directly from calendar events, tasks, communication logs, notes, and documents.

Record in real-time

Use a running clock when you start a job. Pause or stop the timer when you’re interrupted, or have finished your task.

Track time from your inbox

As you send and receive emails, instantly add time entries for the time spent communicating with clients directly from Outlook or Gmail.


Straightforward time entry review and billing

Bill in real time, and increase your cash flow. Reduce legal billing disputes by accurately recording detailed time entries in our time tracking software.

Review and adjust time entries with ease

Correct or add time entries after the fact. For example, if you’ve accidentally forgotten to start a timer, or left a timer running, you can add or subtract minutes as needed to ensure every time entry is accurate.

Set customized rates

Attach custom rates to certain time entries, matters, clients, activity categories, or users. Automatically round time entries to the increment that makes sense for your firm.

See time entries through to payment

With only one click, the time tracking tool from OneDocx generates time entries that show up on your bills. Share invoices with customers, take online credit card payments, and be paid 39% quicker all inside OneDocx.


Get insights on where your time and money is being spent.

To easily assess the effectiveness of your workers and company, use Onedocx’s legal timekeeping software. Make wiser choices, and you’ll earn more money.

Sort time entries into categories to discover how you spend your time

Attach UTMBS codes as you create time and expense entries to benchmark your performance and further improve billing.

Track expenses with a few clicks

Log hard or soft cost expenses. Remove the need for expense recategorization, maintain accurate financial records, and simplify year-end reconciliations.

See how much non-billable work you’re doing

Mark time entries as billable or non-billable. Track non-billable time against contingency or flat fee matters to ensure your law firm is taking on profitable work.


Generate detailed time and expense reports

Produce quick and up-to-date reports from all of the time and expense entries across your firm. Filter and group time entry metrics by date, matter, user, or status.


Customer testimonials

Hear what other law firms have to say about OneDocx legal accounting software.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is legal time tracking software?

You may enter, classify, and record the time spent on tasks at work using legal time tracking software.

Lawyers typically handle a variety of cases. Billable labour hours are sometimes forgotten and aren’t recorded on the invoice. By tracking work in real time, legal time tracking software helps remove doubt. No more underbilling or overbilling a customer.

Can I add time for other users at my firm?

Yes. Any user can add or edit time entries on behalf of another user by selecting their name from the Time Entry drop down list.

I prefer to enter time entries on a weekly or monthly basis. How can I use legal time tracking software?

You can create, edit, and delete time entries at any given time. 

For creating time entries after the fact, you can review all of the calendar entries, documents, and notes stored in OneDocx, and add time entries instantly from there.

Can I adjust time entries when approving a bill?

Yes. When generating a bill, all time entries appear in an editable format that can be adjusted before sending to a client.

What are the different ways I can use legal time tracking software to add time entries to a bill?

OneDocx’s legal time tracking software offers 5 distinct ways to enter time into your invoicing system: Make use of the time entry from Launch a timer. Add time entries from a document, note, event in the calendar, or client correspondence. Add entries from your other applications via an integration.

Can I customize the rates I bill clients for different types of time entries?

Yes. You can set User Default Rates, Matter Rates, Client Rates, and Custom Rates in the time and cost tracking software from OneDocx. In the event of a disagreement between two rates, the hierarchy of these rates ensures that the highest rate will take precedence. The hierarchy’s ranking is as follows: Ratio Based on Matter Based Activity Description Rate Based on Clients User-defined Default Rate for Hourly Activity Descriptions To learn more about each rate, see this Help Centre page

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