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OneDocx, The Legal Billing Software That Gets You Paid Faster

Bill your clients in a way that’s easy for them—and effective for you. Our legal billing software includes easy time tracking, expense tracking, LEDES billing, alternative fee options, payment plans, credit card processing, and more.

Features of legal billing software

Generate bills in one click. Spend less time on time and expense tracking, review bills faster and share client invoices easily.

Bill securely from anywhere, any time

Utilize our private client interface, OneDocx for Clients, to create and approve bills on the go, automatically calculate interest for overdue payments, and send bills online. Quicker payment corresponds to faster bill payment.

Reduce time spent billing

Set up automated payment plans. Make collecting outstanding balances and replenishing trust accounts easy with recurring credit card payments—reducing collection time and increasing cash flow.

Get paid faster

We provide a variety of payment options through our credit card processing functionality, allowing for flexibility in payment. Collect payments through secure click-through links, QR codes, Pay Now buttons on your bills and payment plans, with saved payment information stored from reception or over the phone. Sync transactions to OneDocx and third party accounting systems.


Accept payment for multiple bills at the same time

Allow customers to use their credit card to make a single online payment for all of their legal expenses. OneDocx will automatically apply funds to all outstanding invoices.


Customizable legal billing solutions

Personalize OneDocx’s legal billing software to the needs of your law firm and clients.

Create branded invoices

Create professional, easy-to-read legal invoices with your law firm’s logo. Offer greater transparency by including aggregated or expanded activity lists and detailed statements of accounts.

Create customized billing plans

Bill clients based on hourly rates or with alternative billing arrangements such as flat fee or contingency. Make collecting fees and replenishing trust accounts easy with recurring credit card payments.

Tailor payment profiles to improve collections

Create custom payment profiles in OneDocx that include grace periods, discounts for prompt payment, and custom interest rates. Assign payment profiles to specific contacts.


Discount and write off bills

Apply percentage or fixed amount discounts to an entire bill, apply credit notes, or convert time entries to no-charge. Quickly write off full or partial bill amounts when needed.


Get clear law firm billing reports

The OneDocx invoicing software provides comprehensive legal invoicing reports, including law firm financial reports, accounts receivable information and more.

View, organize, and share bills with clients

See the status of all your unpaid bills in one tab, and in a single click, prompt clients to pay their invoices.

Report on detailed account information

Use the Statement of Accounts feature in OneDocx to show a customer their legal billing history and any unpaid amounts. Reports may be filtered by customer, lawyer, time, and account type (whether running or trust accounts).

Generate reports on firm-wide billings

Generate clear legal billing reports to make managing firm finances simple and effective. Report on aging receivables, matter balances, client billing histories, and more.


Reviews of our law firm billing software

Here’s what other law firms have to say about Onedocx legal billing software.

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Legal billing software FAQs

What is legal billing software?

Legal billing software makes it easier to bill customers for the work done on a case, keep track of lawyer’s time and costs, and manage their workload. The legal billing process is managed more effectively and easily thanks to this software.

What are the benefits of legal billing software?

The key benefit of legal billing software is that it enables businesses to spend less time on billing, invoicing, and collections. It is customizable, offers branded invoices and various billing options to help you get paid more quickly. Create reports that may be sorted by matter or person to receive a clear image of the unpaid amounts and accounts receivable.

What is the best accounting software for a small law firm?

As the best accounting software for a solo or small firm, we recommend a system that integrates easily with your practice management software.

How do lawyers bill their clients?

If they bill by the hour, lawyers may track their time in six-minute increments and then add this time to an invoice where they note which activities each time log was spent on. Lawyers may also track their time but use an alternative billing arrangement such as retainers, evergreen retainers, sliding-scale fees, flat fees, contingency fees, or subscription services.

How does generating bills work?

OneDocx allows you to generate bills from the main dashboard of a matter. Clicking the “Quick Bill” button will instantly generate an invoice with all billable time entries. You can also generate bills in bulk. Watch this four-minute video on how it’s done.

Can I apply trust funds to bills before sharing them?

Yes. You may accept and apply trust money to your bills using the legal billing software from OneDocx. This enables the customer to settle the remaining balance on your invoice using the trust funds that are now accessible. You can always send a trust request if you run out of trust money.

How do I use legal billing software to send invoices to clients?

The easiest way to share invoices with clients is over email. Once a bill is approved, click “Share”, and your client will receive an email that allows them to pay their invoice with a credit card.

How much does legal billing software cost?

OneDocx’s costs vary depending on the features your law firm is looking for. Our legal billing software offers pricing plans starting at just $39 a month to ensure firms of all sizes can access our software solution.

Can I customize the look of my invoices?

Yes. OneDocx’s billing software lets you customize headers and themes, and add your law firm’s branded logo to your invoices.

Can I see which clients haven't paid their bills?

Yes. OneDocx includes a straightforward dashboard of outstanding balances that shows who’s paid their bills, who hasn’t, and when a payment is due. 

What features does legal billing software have?

The best legal billing software has a range of features to help your law firm bill efficiently.


  • Varied billing arrangements
  • Timekeeping
  • Expense tracking
  • Accounting integrations
  • Activity codes
  • Invoicing
  • Payment reminders
  • Payment plans
  • Financial reporting

Manage your firm, affairs and clients from the cloud effortlessly