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Law Firm Insights Dashboard

View all the billable hours that your company accumulated, billed, and collected in one dashboard. With OneDocx Firm Dashboard, you may locate opportunities to raise firmwide productivity, efficiency, and income.

Get different viewpoints on the growth of your business

Legal Trends Report,helps to keep track of your firm’s activity, execution, and collection rates to determine how much billable work you’re performing, how much money you’re losing, and how much money you’re making. Obtain a summary of your company’s performance in a simple to use visual dashboard.

Know where your time is going

Understand how much your firm’s work day is spent on billable work. See where you can identify opportunities to adjust workflows and better allocate resources.

Examine the potential cost of your services

Find out how much money you may be losing due to write-offs. Get the hard numbers of which hours ends up on an invoice. Identify where your firm is doing work it doesn’t end up charging for.

Understand your revenue drivers

In seconds, get insight into how your firm is performing.

Track your revenue

Recognize what is truly getting paid for your bills. Use performance data to determine whether you ought to demand higher retainers, provide adjustable payment schedules, or make use of additional secure payment options.

Measure performance over time

Pinpoint what’s driving firm performance. See the data over a specific timeframe, and identify trends and changes over time—so you can plan annual budgets, invest in headcount, and set aside resources.


Understanding key business metrics for law firm growth

Utilization, realization, and collection rates are considered to be the most crucial markers of law firm expansion by the Legal Trends Report. The national averages are shown below.

Utilization Rate

Realization Rate

Collection Rate

Customer testimonials

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is utilization rate?

In proportion to the number of hours in the day, the utilization rate calculates how much of the day is spent on billable labor. It’s a crucial statistic that enables a legal company to assess the proportion of a lawyer’s day that is dedicated to tasks that generate income as opposed to other pursuits.

What is realization rate?

The realization rate assesses the amount of billable labor that is finally charged after timekeeping, discounts, write-offs, and other factors.

What is collection rate?

Collection rate measures how much billed work has been collected.

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