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Legal Document Management Software

OneDocx’s legal document management solution gives you the flexibility of limitless document storage, comprehensive document search, e-signatures, and more. Work safely and effectively from anywhere.

OneDocx legal document management software features

Store, edit, and sync PDFs, Word documents, and much more in OneDocx legal document software.

Store an unlimited amount of legal documents

Save thousands of documents, images, audios, and video files in our unlimited storage where files are automatically backed up. Bulk upload and download entire folders of documents easily.

Within seconds, locate the desired file

Use OneDocx’s Search to retrieve a document based on terms in the title, text, or metadata. Filter and sort files by custom categories, folders, authors, and dates. Navigate and preview files from nested matter and contact folders on your desktop.

Use electronic signatures

Review, prepare, and send out documents with our e-signature capability. Remove the hassle of downloading, printing, or scanning as signed documents are automatically and securely saved in OneDocx.

Access your legal documents from anywhere

Pull up any legal document on your laptop at any time to redline, annotate, and more. Spend less time preparing stacks of documents—and more time preparing your case.


Intuitive file management from your desktop

Use OneDocx’s collection of desktop solutions to quickly and easily manage your files.
Available on Windows.

Work seamlessly between your desktop and the cloud with OneDocx Drive

Use our case management software for lawyers to manage documents, bill, track time, and more: Get it all done faster, and with less risk of error, and focus on the tasks that are the most important to your legal practice.

Open files from the web for easy document editing

Set the status of a case to Open, Pending, or Closed. Use notes and secure messages to easily share updates on a case. And allow collaborations between colleagues for more efficient processing of cases.

See real-time case developments

Track every change made to a legal case including new time entries and documents. See who made what change and when. Collaborate efficiently and get the best outcome for your clients.


Draft sets of documents in less time

to meet your law firm’s needs

Improve your bottom line by spending less time on routine document management tasks—and more time on billable work—with advanced legal document automation features.

Save time with automated templates

Legal document automation software can reduce your routine legal drafting by 80%. Auto-fill court forms and convert existing Word files into reusable online templates with Lawyaw.

Remove repetitive work

Enter data once and populate across sets of documents easily to eliminate repetitive retyping. Use conditional logic to update pronouns, subject-verb agreements, and edit clauses without spending manual hours.

Sync Data Directly from OneDocx

OneDocx users can generate court forms with pre-populated data from Manage. This solution allows you to take advantage advanced legal document automation features in a seamless way, while reducing the risks of errors in completing forms.


Prepare your most-used docs in seconds

Pre-save sets of most-used projects and auto-fill with client and matter information to finish projects faster.


Collaborate on legal documents with ease

Manage documents as a team. Stay in sync as you create, annotate, and collaborate on files.

Sync documents across all your tools

View, edit, and save your documents directly from OneDocx Manage to Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, NetDocuments, and Google Drive.

Share documents easily

Quickly share legal documents with clients and co-counsel via OneDocx for Clients, our secure online client portal, or other software such as DocuSign. Set permissions to authorize specific access within your firm.

Track changes and conversations

Stay on top of document changes with a full version history and running comment thread for each file stored in our legal document management software.



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Legal document management software FAQs

What is legal document management software?

Legal document management software allows lawyers and legal professionals to store, organize, and easily access documents. It is designed to help increase productivity at law firms by making documents easier to find, edit, access, and share. 

Legal document software also improves the security and confidentiality of important documents by preventing unauthorized access. It also allows firms to reduce paper, printing, and document storage costs.

Want to see how easy OneDocx makes document management? Try OneDocx.

What is the best legal document management software?

Onedocx is widely considered to be the best legal document management software, with thousands of positive ratings on G2 Crowd, SoftwareAdvice.com, Capterra, and Lawyerist. Clio is also trusted by over 150,000 legal professionals, and approved by more than 90 bar associations and law societies worldwide.

What features should legal document management software have?

Before selecting a legal document management solution, ensure it has the following features: Unlimited document storage: You should be able to store everything you need for every case in a secure location. Security: Your legal document management system should store and back up all of your files securely. Permissions controls: You should be able to control who can view and edit documents in your system. Advanced search: Your system should be able to search text within documents of various file types (Word, PDF) so you can quickly find what you need. Version control: Easy tracking of the last updated version of a document as well as previous versions. Document automation tools: Your legal document management software should help you quickly create letters and other key documents automatically from templates. Electronic signatures: You should be able to have clients easily sign legal documents electronically. Integrations: Your document management tool should integrate with other document creation and storage programs such as Box, DropBox, OneDrive, or Google Drive

Where does OneDocx legal document management software store my files?

OneDocx legal document management software stores your files securely in the cloud. 

Instead of hosting files on your own servers, the cloud lets you access information from anywhere with an internet connection.

How many legal documents can be stored for a matter or client?

An unlimited amount. Clio offers a document management solution for the cloud as well as for your desktop computer. Documents you work on in the cloud will be mirrored to your computer desktop as well.

Can I set permissions and restrict access to specific documents?

You can use Clio’s user permissions to restrict access to specific users at the Matter level. Only those who have permission to a Matter will be able to access the documents within that Matter.

What are the system requirements for cloud-based legal document management software?

The only system requirement for Clio’s cloud-based legal document management software is your internet browser (with an internet connection).

Can I migrate my documents in to OneDocx?

Yes. You can add documents into OneDocx from another system. Learn how to do it in 5 steps here

We also integrate with popular document systems such as OneDrive, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and NetDocuments—making the migration process that much easier. 

What's the difference between OneDocx and other dedicated legal document management solutions?

OneDocx is more than just a legal document management system. In addition to document management, OneDocx provides all legal case management functionalities in one solution, including client intake, time tracking, billing and payments, and more. When you work within one tool, you can see all of your law firm’s documents next to the notes, events, time entries, and financial details for an individual case, and you can reduce lost billable hours, context switching, and human error.

Manage your firm, affairs and clients from the cloud effortlessly