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Legal Client Management Software

Use OneDocx’s legal client management software to keep track of all of your connections and clients

Track every client and every detail

Use OneDocx to track everyone your law firm interacts with—clients, companies, outside counsel, witnesses, vendors, and more.

Get contact details at a glance

Get a quick overview of your firm’s clients and contacts. See their connected matters, documents, transactions, and bills. Keep client information organized to ensure no followup, detail, or interaction is missed.

Remember every client conversation

Track a client’s history of interactions with your firm—across email, phone, and in-person meetings. Record emails to a client’s communication log from Outlook and Gmail, and add notes directly into a client profile.

Do complete conflict checks

Quickly search your entire client and contact database for any conflicts of interest.


Track specific client details

Record details needed for your firm’s processes in custom contact data fields. The more you know about your contacts, the better you can meet and exceed their expectations.


Deliver a great client experience

Turn every client into a referral, a good review, and more business for your law firm.

Keep track of the important details

Attach a profile photo to each client profile to help quickly associate a name with a face. Add personalized billing preferences and rates, contact attributes, and more.

Make collaborating more efficient

Share documents, tasks, and bills with clients through our secure client portal. Provide access to matter developments, and increase efficiencies by keeping everyone in the loop.

Sync contacts and access them on the go

Sync all of your contacts to your Google or Outlook contacts list.


Impress new contacts and clients from day one

Use OneDocx Grow to effectively manage your client intake process, and capture contact information directly from online intake forms.


Reviews of our law firm billing software

Here’s what other law firms have to say about Onedocx legal billing software.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is legal client management software?

Legal client management software keeps track of the contact information for all the people your legal firm does business with, including clients, vendors, co-counsel, and others. This program keeps track of information specifically related to the law, including billing choices, case information, and more.

Are there any limits to the number of contacts I can store in OneDocx?

No. OneDocx also offers free unlimited data storage for documents or any other kind of file.

Can I export contact lists?

Yes. You can export contact details (including custom data fields) to Microsoft Excel from the main contacts list.

How does OneDocx case management and client management features work together?

OneDocx allows you to attach a primary contact to any matter, as well as other secondary contacts.

Does OneDocx let me track companies in addition to people?

Yes. You can create “companies” in OneDocx’s legal contact management software, and add contacts as employees of that company

What billing information does OneDocx let me track at the contact level?

OneDocx’s legal contact management software lets you set a customized LEDES client ID, hourly rate, and billing profile (which includes grace periods, interest, and discounts) for each contact.

Manage your firm, affairs and clients from the cloud effortlessly